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Over The Rainbow

Nestled in a surprise nook, the “Over The Rainbow” garden is a place to breathe, reflect and watch the butterflies decide which nectar to go for- the strong Jasmine or the fragrant Oleander? Or maybe just hop across to the Butterfly Garden just down the path, with plants that specifically attract butterflies.

Created within a week, this haven is a ‘forever’ resting place for our dear father who we lost during the pandemic. A quietly rippling pond houses a baby frog amongst some water bamboos and umbrella palms. A lovely pathway with imprints of leaves a la’ fossils, circles the sea hibiscus that draws its energies from my fathers ashes. Unable to take them to a holy river due to the lockdown, the family came up with this innovative idea, and I think my dad must be a happier soul for this. In fact more people should instruct that they should not be taken far away from home to mingle in some polluted waters, but that’s a discussion for another day.

The pathway reveals 7 motif mosaics created in the 7 colours of the week, something Dad used to follow in his wardrobe for decades: red means Tuesday and yellow always means Thursday and so on. His soul will be happy that all the colours are right there for him to pick!

The Chameli flowers send their sweet and lingering scent up your noses as you take in all this from the bench not far away.

Come to Arbor Road Estate and discover many more treasures like this! Enjoy nature at its best with your loved ones.



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