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The sun rises in the East...or does it?

We city dwellers have a good understanding of where the sun rises and sets, right? As per Vastu, and other Feng-Shui like beliefs, we have been told where the entrance is, where the water has to be, which corner is for the master bedroom, where the Gods have to be kept, and so on. This gives us a good idea where the morning sun comes, and which balcony we can dry our ‘chillies’ for the afternoon sun.

At Arbor Road Estate, things are completely different. Yes, the sun rises in the eastward direction. But that’s about it. Every day, slowly but surely the rising spot is different, at a different height in the horizon, at a different place in the ‘East’. Sometimes it peeks over the gazebo, and at other times is closer to the Blue Agave next to the fence, on some days it shines through the glass window in the electrical rooms, making it difficult to take a photo.

It’s no different at Sunset. Whether you take our prized view from atop the Lighthouse, or you gently sip your evening tea on the Deck, the sun sets at different places.

We all studied in schools and colleges- the axis of the earth, and its rotation, and how the sun travels in a pre-destined path. But did we ever actually see it happen in front of our eyes? Apart from the morning balcony and the afternoon balcony?

At our property, along with varying sunrises and sunsets, each more glorious than the previous one, you can track the hours of the day, the week and the month on our beautiful Analemmatic Mosaic Sundial which almost accurately tells us the time.

So, come again and again, at sunrise and at sunset and discover this and so many other treasures at Arbor road estate!



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