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Kirti Karmarkar Anand & Anand Sundaram have been involved with the hospitality industry and mixed use assets for over 35 years.   


They have applied the know-how and expertise gained to their dream project.  Their move from the city to live and develop this  eco venture is a testament of their commitment to ‘give back’ to mother earth and the society. 


Although the barren rocky land yielded no ground water initially even at 1300 feet; with relentless efforts and several learnings along the way, what was a barren rocky parcel of 11 acre land in 2015 is a bustling bio diverse zone today. 

Right from master planning, design and detailing down to implementing engineering services, the couple is hands on. Kirti has published a book "Barren to Biodiverse" which is the first in the series capturing their green journey.  

Their son, Arjun Anand with a masters in engineering, pitches in with technical knowledge, know-how and key market insights.

Barren to biodiverse book

Barren to Biodiverse

ISBN: 9-788195-275045

Volume 1 tells the story of this transformation and details the indigenous grasses, weeds and wild flowers.

Email to order your personalised PDF copy for INR 250/-

Kirti karmarkar anand and Anand Sundaram at Arbor Road Estate

Their firm, Greenlife Blueprints LLP, offers consulting services on various aspects of the business to individuals and organisations that would like to replicate their story towards creating a greener and better planet. 


Anil Nagrath architect

Anil Nagrath & Associates

Green Architects

Ananas landscape designer

Ananas Design

Landscape consultants

Afforest consultant for Miyawaki forest


Forest Consulants

Panasia consultants for radiant underfloor cooling solutions

Panasia Engineers

Passive cooling Consulants

Mahijaa, consultants for CSEB and structure


CSEB and structure

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