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The  ‘Barren to Biodiverse’ story is a testament of the promoters' passion and commitment to protect and nurture the environment.


Apart from the tremendous greening efforts which have transformed the once barren landscape into a haven for wildlife, there are several initiatives towards sustainability 

Arbor road estate green plan
arbor road estate blue plan

Design & Infrastructure

Working along a green and blue master plan, the entire 11 acres was developed with great care to create a bio diverse eco system on this once rocky and barren land.


Green plan was spearheaded by planting Miyawaki forests across an acre, followed by a fruit orchard, avenue trees, shade bearing and perimeter trees, a food forest and various curated gardens.  The total planting today is in excess of 15,000 saplings.

The Blue plan was the guideline to create an acre of rain water harvesting pond that stores about 50 lakh litres.  Swales and over flow run-off channels that meander along various re-charge and percolation pits have increased the ground water table.  From buying water in the nascent stages, the estate is water positive today and provides clean drinking water to the families of the employees.

CSEB- compressed stabilised earth blocks.  about 200,000 were made on site and all buildings at Arbor road estate are made of these

Green Architecture

CSEB (Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks) were made on site using local village boys and forms the predominant construction material for all buildings.


The cottages have cavity wall construction to keep heat out.  Most materials and labour were locally sourced for the construction and finishing. 

Old salvaged doors and windows have been up-cycled to make doors, windows and furniture.

Natural light and cross ventilation were key considerations for design of the buildings.

Operating Initiatives

Efforts towards sustainability are ongoing and an integral part of life at Arbor Road Estate.


Automation and energy saving devices used across the estate help reduce energy requirement.  Power, is largely derived from the 20 KW Solar plant.


The RO water treatment plant has eliminated the need for single use plastic water bottles.  The reject water goes into the irrigation system to ensure there is zero discharge from the site. Grey water from the showers and sinks is directed into the gardens.  

Conscious effort is made to avoid single use plastic.  The unavoidable plastic packaging is made into Eco Bricks which are used for small landscape projects.

arbor estate solar car port_edited_edite
ARBOR ETSTAE Radiant cooling

Eco Cooling

The buildings have been planned in a manner that the thermal comfort is not compromised while being as environment friendly as possible.

Passive solar architecture, cavity walls, double glazed windows and the shade bearing trees planted in the right areas reduce heat insolation.


An Innovative under-floor radiant cooling system ensures thermal comfort.  Carefully placed evaporative coolers duct in fresh air to further improve the air quality and ambient temperature inside buildings.

Waste Management

Waste segregation greatly limits what goes out of the site to landfills. The food waste and green garden waste is converted into Biogas which meets most of the cooking gas requirement. The slurry from the Biogas, high in NPK, is used as fertiliser.


The dry twigs and brown garden waste get converted to Biochar which greatly enriches the soil, while larger branches and logs are made  into charcoal.

arbor road estate biochar

Upcycling & Garden Art

Much of the doors and furniture has been skilfully up-cycled from salvaged old doors and window frames.

Several garden installations have been created from construction waste and scrap metal such as old motorcycle parts, cycle wheels and paint cans.


Broken tiles and waste stone bits have been transformed into unique mosaics.


Majority of the staff is from the neighbouring village and have been a part of the team since inception.


Today  they are up-skilled in various areas like masonry, electrical, plumbing and welding and execute most projects at site.  Ongoing classroom and on the job training enables them to be conversant in Hindi and English and also trains them to be eco warriors.

As a result of their enhanced prosperity, the employees today have better houses and an improved quality of life for their families. 


The RO plant provides these households with clean, safe and free drinking water.

arbor road estate team on zero shadow day

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Reuse & Recycle

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