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Arbor road estate evening


Located  50 km north of Hyderabad, this unique sustainable paradise is set amidst the tranquil open-ness of green paddy fields. 


The dense planting of the Miyawaki forest, sculpted landscapes and man-made water bodies form a thriving eco-system, offering a sanctuary for a diverse species of birds, butterflies and wildlife.


Green and energy efficient buildings have been constructed using compressed stabilised earth  blocks made from soil excavated when creating the man-made lake.

A delight for the responsible traveller.

Arbor Estate Cottages
arbor Rd Estate Glamping

Well appointed spacious rooms, offer urban comforts in a rural setting.  A limited 10 rooms across 11 acres ensures a high level of exclusivity.

The indoors are maintained at a comfortable ambient temperature with state-of-the-art radiant underfloor cooling system and ducted air cooling.  

Each room has its own  private sit-out which overlooks the swimming pool, man-made lake and gardens.

The weather proof glamping tents offer a happy blend of adventure and comfort, each with ensuite bathrooms and a private balcony.

The room packages include all meals made from fresh produce and cooked homestyle, served at the cafe'.  

Rediscover the joy of farm-fresh goodness with sumptuous home-style meals served at the central Cafe. 

Relax in  the infinity pool, set next to a yoga pavilion or revel in breath-taking vistas from atop the  five storied Lighthouse which has a library and collectible toys on display.

The outdoor games, open air Gym and Indoor Games Room offer avenues for family fun and fitness.

Cafe at Arbor Road estate.  In the back-drop is the wargal lake
Infinity pool and yoga pavilion at Arbor road estate
Machaan at the Miyawaki forest at Arbor road estate
arbor estate birding

From bird watching within the estate to village walks, there is much to discover in and around Arbor Road Estate.


Demonstrations of some green initiatives and guided walks are held at predetermined timings.

Tailored workshops are organised for corporate team building and school nature trips & excursions.

Starting from a barren rocky parcel of land, Arbor Road Estate has taken giant strides in becoming Water positive and Carbon Positive.  

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond its boundaries to the neighbouring villages.   Hiring and training the locals has improved the lives of over a dozen families.

Arbor Estate CSEB Compressed Statbilised Earth Blocks
arbor estate Lilly pond
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