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Of Dogs & Other Godlike Creatures

So, we rescued a young mother and her four pups from a certainly terrible life if not a similar death, about 5 years ago and brought them to the estate. At that time, it was a new site with nobody staying there, and just a couple of staff to oversee the basic construction. We felt it would be a safe place for this young family as we are all (mostly) animal lovers and of course we felt safer with them around as it’s a large estate with no habitants for miles.

Tawny and her pack of four - Roger, Flash, Pebbles and Dora - soon took to farm life and survived the scares of snakes, predator birds and man - induced accidents. They became super- friendly to us- Humans and equally super - ferocious and deadly to other Animals, be they an errant wild hare, or a peacock that laid eggs, or the sheep from neighbouring farmers. So much so that we had several threats and were told of dire consequences if we were unable to handle our pack.

They would travel freely between 2 villages, pick daily fights with other dogs during mating season and come back sometimes days later, starved and injured. It was decided to neuter them one at a time (due to the logistics of bringing them to the city, and nursing them post surgery). The spaying did wonders for taming them as far as the neighbours and outside dogs were concerned. They started staying indoors most of the time, turning up for meal times etc.

The other big change was when we started living at the estate over 2 years ago. Suddenly they had a family of humans who played with them, offered them treats and life was never better. Sadly Roger died after a mysterious venomous bite a few years ago, and we lost Dora to another venomous poisoning last year. We discovered a new concept (new to us that is) ‘Animal whispering and Communication’. There is a large group of animal lovers who can communicate with animals (it defies logic as we know it, but we’ve seen and experienced it first hand) and this group has helped us on several occasions. When Dora went missing for a day, the group told us where to look for her, specifically a water body, and she was found exactly there!

The loss of a loved dog is just as gut wrenching as the loss of a family member. In fact tears well up just thinking of the love they showered upon us, so unconditionally, and how much joy they gave us. We also lost our dear beloved Sparkplug (our home dog at the ripe old age of 15+) last year.

Four months ago, a malnourished, injured, weakling of a puppy wandered into the estate. The adult pack of three hated him on sight, and started avoiding the humans also, for we were taking care of the puppy, hoping to revive him. Dobby is now 5 months old, still suffers from some long term ailments, but has slowly but surely wangled his way into the hearts of the older pack (again the animal communicator group guided us) and is the busiest body on the site today, interfering with construction, gardening, and sporting activities with equal enthusiasm! We like to think he is Dora reincarnated.

This pack tolerates the two wild hares we have in a cage with the bare minimum decorum, the fish and frogs in the ponds (since they’re too quick for them) and also the buffaloes with their offspring who are quite able to handle themselves!

We have a beautiful metal sculpture installed at the estate to honour Roger, and all the others that passed after him. To view this and many other treasures, come and visit us at Arbor road estate.



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