The area began as a barren rocky terrain, but there was a need and desire to create a lush green landscape of trees, which would attract animals, insects, and provide a vivid array of plants and flowers. In 2015, we planted our first forest using the Miyawaki Technique with 7000 saplings of 45 native plant and tree species, under the guidance of Afforestt. In 2016, we planted our second forest with 1500 saplings.


After 3 years, our dense forested areas have become self-sustaining bio-diverse hot spots. With over 50 species of native and migratory birds, bees, insects, butterflies, and wildlife such as peacocks, snakes, wild hogs, and hare. We have continued to grow plants and trees throughout the land in the form of gardens, orchards, and lawns; making The Estate a green zone in the Deccan Plateau.

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