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The pillar-less construction allows for an expansive library--lounge area where visitors can relax with a book and enjoy the extensive memorabilia collection, or enjoy a multitude of board games. 
Deriving inspiration from various lighthouses around the world, the main tower is modeled after the lighthouse in Mahabalipuram, a port city in southern India. The library/main hall has been influenced by the design of the watchtower and guardhouse at the Old Fort, Niagara. At the very top of the tower, the hatch door and rung ladder have also been derived from similar styles at the Vizag and Murud Janjira lighthouses.
Climbing up the tower, one can reach the viewing gallery which provides stunning panoramic views of The Estate, Forest, and the rocky terrain of the Deccan Plateau. Built using CSEB load bearing blocks, the Arbor Road Estate Lighthouse stands at just under 50 feet tall and acts as a lightning conductor for the area.
Adjoining the east side of the tower is the Lighthouse Amphitheater. Featuring a 25 by 15 foot stage, it has the provision for light, sound, and a backdrop. The cemented amphitheater seating allows for up to 80 people to enjoy plays, music performances, and other cultural events.
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