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Barren to Biodiverse
An eco-friendly sustainable development is underway near the Wargal Saraswati Temple, 50 kms from Secunderabad on the Karimnagar highway, Telangana.

It boasts of a man made forest, fruit orchard, and an artificial water body made for rain water harvesting. The buildings are being constructed with mud blocks from our own soil compressed at site.
A dense forests with over 11,000 saplings planted in less than one acre has transformed a once barren piece of land into a thriving bio diverse ecosystem. Over 55 species of native and migratory birds such as  Kingfisher, Shikra,Indian Caukal, Hornbill, Peacock, Lapwing, Black Headed Ibis have been spotted and identified so far.

A nature lover’s paradise; it is an ideal weekend getaway for families and groups to connect with nature. A visit to Arbor Road Estate offers outdoor activities, forest walks, bird and nature photography, and a reconnection with nature.
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